Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Spoken Chinese Book 2

Want to learn chinese with english translation. here is the book you can read, speak, and write chinese language with the help of english. It is made on daily usage words and phrases. Click the below link and download book free.

Download Book 2

From MTV to Mecca by Kristiane Backer

This book is a journey of Kristiane Backer who was a famous reporter and had turned to accept islam. how this is possible. what inspired her about islam. why she refused the western style living and fashion became a muslim women. Click the below link to download boo free and read the whole biography and journey towards Islam.

Download Book

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shareef Family ny Pakistan kis Tarhan Loota By Syed Ubaid Mujtaba

This Urdu books will tell about how a shreef family came to pakistan. what was their status at that time. Currently at which level their family is reaching in business. 
Click the link below to download Urdu Version book in pdf format.

Tareekh.e.Pakistan By Saeed Khan

This book consist on the real stories of how the Muslims give sacrifices of their lives to get a free country according to their religion aspects. You can get a deep knowledge about the freedom Movement. What was the reasons behind the separation. Why Muslims came together at one platform to stand up for the creation of the separate country. You can read it personally. Click the link below to download this book.

Networking in Urdu by Zahid Sharjeel


Now you can learn about networking in Urdu. This book contains all necessary information about how to deploy network and how to monitor every possible happenings on computer network. it is simple and easy to learn about your favourite field in a fun way. click on the below link to download this book free.