Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Professional Photoshop Book

Welcome The Professional Photoshop Book is your ultimate guide to using Photoshop’s
tools and mastering commercial-standard imagery and effects. Within each section, as well as the Workshops, you will find detailed features, looking in-depth at industry trends, as well as interviews and profiles with some of the best-known digital artists in the world.

Cooking Book in Urdu by Chef Zakir Qureshi

Zakir Qureshi is the Pakistan's famous cooking expert. He is making many recipes which is very famous in the people of Pakistan. He is working on a Masala T.v. He is writing a book which is in urdu. Hope you Like it. Download book from above link.

Ubqari October 2013

Ubqari is a Religious Soul Magazine. We can solve our problems in the lights of Islamic Education. How to become successful in our life. Get cure form many diseases through Holy Education. Excercise for those who have no time from his/her busy life. ETC.... Here is a Ubqari October 2013 Edition. I hope you like it. The download link is above.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corel Draw X5 THe Official Guide

Corel DRAW X5
The Official Guide is a work in progress. Yes, the book is complete, but I wanted to
approach the documentation of a new version of DRAW a little differently—okay, a lot
differently—than did previous versions of this book. I’ve tried very hard to put a little of
myself into this book, so you know that someone real, who professes to know Corel DRAW
in certain ways better than you do, is communicating with you. Let’s get real.

Corel Draw X4 The Official Guide

Corel DRAW X4: The Official Guide is your handbook to the most feature-filled drawing
application you could hope for, and as you’d rightly expect, the chapters contain comprehensive
explanations of what tools, pop-up menus, commands, dockers, and other elements do. But the
prize in this book is that you’ll learn not only the value of the features, but also what they’re good
for—how each tool, command, option, and feature can be used to best serve a design problem
you want to solve. Knowledge is fine—you can get facts from Wikipedia and around every
corner on the Web, the bookstore, and your friends and family. When you put facts to use,
however, you eventually gain skill you can tap into in the future, build upon, and eventually your
knowledge becomes wisdom—something an ambitious, expressive designer has an affinity for—
right up there with water and oxygen.
This book is divided into eight parts plus an appendix listing keyboard shortcuts that’ll
speed up your work in Corel DRAW. As you might expect, the parts follow a progression, from
a very basic introduction to later chapters that delve into special effects and even photo editing.
If you’re the type of reader who likes to begin at the beginning and make a linear voyage to
finish at the appendix, you won’t be surprised. However, the chapters are structured and fairly
compartmentalized to address a specific topic; if you want fast solutions for specific areas
within Corel DRAW, you can also “pick and choose.” One of the wonderful things about books
is that you can skip ahead and rewind—just as you do with DVD movies!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ubqari Magazine Sep 2013


This magazine is very useful and informative. If you have any social issue and you don't know how to pass from this situation. Keep download this Book from link and Read it. I am sure after reading you will be able for solving the problem. May ALLAH stay Blessed on you.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adobe PhotoShop Every Tool Every Tool Explained

Start up Photoshop and what do you see? Well, besides the menu options along the top of the
screen, you’ll see a Toolbar that’s chock-a-block with icons. You’ll probably recognise some of these,
such as the ‘T’ that designates the Type tool and the paintbrush icon that unlocks the various Brush tools.
But do you really know what the rest of these icons mean? … Honestly? The chances are that – like many
Photoshop users across the world – you’re only using a fraction of the program’s full potential, but this second issue in the Photoshop Focus Guide series will change all that, helping you make the most of all the tools at your disposal.

Muhammad Bin Qasim By Naseem Hijazi

Muhammad Sharif more commonly by his pseudonym Naseem Hijazi (C. 1914-March 1996) was an Urdu writer who is well-known for his novels dealing with Islamic history. He was born at Wazirabad in Pre-Partition India in an Arain family and migrated to Pakistan after independence from the British Rule and subsequent partition of India in 1947. He lived most of his life in Pakistan and died in March 1996.
As a novel writer, Naseem Hijazi is regarded as one of the finest writers of Urdu language especially in the later 20th Century. Among his popular contemporaries were
Ibn-e-Safi, Saadat Hasan Manto, and Shafiq-ur-Rehman, all having their particular line of literature.


Insan Aur Devta By Naseem Hijazi

Naseem Hijazi was an Urdu writer and his real name is Sharīf Hussain He was born at the village of Sujaanpur near town Dhariwal, district Gurdaspur, Punjab in India . He lived most of his life in Pakistan and died in March 1996.

Daastan-e-Mujahid By Naseem Hijazi

Here you can download. After you click on the Download , you need to wait for 5 seconds on the next page and then click on the "SKIPAD" to get the download link. Thanks for visiting this blog :D

Dekh Liya America By Ali Sufyan Afaqi

Dekh Liya America by Ali Sufyan Afaqi Pdf Free Download

Dekh Liya America is an Urdu traveling story to United State of America by Ali Sufyan Afaq. This book also provides travel guide and information about different cities and popular places of USA. You can download this book from the below mentioned link in Pdf to read offline.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Islami Wazaif Ka Encyclopedia

Islami Wazaif Ka Encyclopedia

Friends... I have Got a new book for you. Keep Reading and don't forget for give me your good and helpful commets.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ubqari May 2013 Magazine

Ap is Magazine sy Bht kuch jan skty hain. Is magazine main ap ki her kism ki Bemari ka baray information mily ge or us Bemari ka Ilaj bhi Bataya gya hai...... So must Read It.

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IT Dunya June 2013 Magazine

Here is the ITdunya Magazine of June 2013 with full of informations. Which you need to seek and learn. Read this Magazine. If you like then don't forget to comments.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Rohani Digest March 2013

Note: All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely. If you actually love books please support the writers and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.


Note: All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely. If you actually love books please support the writers and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.

GLOBAL SCIENCE February 2013

Note: All the books posted here are only for reference and academic functions solely. If you actually love books please support the writers and get the initial laborious copies from the book seller of your native market.

Monday, April 22, 2013


This magazine is consisted so many useful and knowledgeable information about your routine life. This is amazing Magazine. Read it..... and Don't forget to comment about it....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dajjal Kon- Kahan- kaB

This Book is written about the Judgement day. The Mufti Abu-Lubaba is the writer of this book. This book is very interesting and informative. The book consist on many Contents about Islam and Other Religions. Download and read.... and Don't forget about comments.
I am deep heartedly waiting your replies.

Adobe PhotoShop Cs4 User Guide

This Book Consist on The Learning about the Photoshop Cs4. This Book gives you the basic Knowledge and Introduce the new dimensions which is renew or new from previous versions. I hope you Like it. 

I am waiting your useful comments.

Download Book 

Daway Shaafi NaUmeed or Mayous Shaks ky lye

Imam Ib-ne Qaim is the writer of this book. I must read this book. I have solve my many problems after reading this book. It is very useful in our daily life. You must download it and read What's in it. Which thing is useful for you.
And Dont't forget about comments.

Windows 7 Top 42 Tips and Trick Tutorials

Windows 7 tutorials and tips and tricks. It is useful for every person because every one have a computer, laptop or tablet Pc. This book is written in Urdu.
Don't forget to comments........

Namazain Sunnat Kay Mutabik Parhyee

Namazen Sunat Kay Mutabik Parhye. It is very useful and knowledgeable book about Prayers Specially for Muslims. They can read it and correct their Prayers due to Sunnat.