Saturday, February 6, 2016

Networking for Systems By Micheal W. Lucas


Every sysadmin, database admin, web admin, developer, and computing professional
should understand the basic principles of networking. This book grounds you in modern
TCP/IP without demanding a month’s dedicated study. Understanding the network will
empower you to identify the real source of problems, solve your own problems more
quickly, and make better requests of your team members. 

You can download this free book in 3 different files. All files are compressed in one RAR file. Click the below download option to download this free book.

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Beginner Guide to Windows 8 by Katie Morris

                                   Through this book we’ll introduce you to your new OS with a little bit of background and some general information to help you get oriented.we’ll get a little more hands-on. You’ll learn some basic vocabulary and navigation tips, and we’ll show you how to set up a new system. We’ll also show you how to find your way around, manage your existing apps and purchase new ones from the Windows Store.we’ll help you get a feel for the basic apps that come pre-installed on your system, including Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and more.we’ll show you how to customize your machine to your liking, as well as how to keep it running smoothly. Follow the link below to download this book.

the Tai Che Handbook by RAY PAWLETT

                      During the past few decades, the art of tai chi has spread out of China. The style has not been limited to a select few: millions of people worldwide practice tai chi. Part of the reason for this diverse appeal is the wide scope of the art. Indeed, if you try to define what tai chi actually is, you will arrive at a personal definition that may well differ from that of someone else. Follow the link below to download this book.

Beginning iOs Social Games by Kyle Richter

                     Mobile games are social and becoming more integrated into our social lives every day. Game Center and Game Kit are Apple’s answers to integrating social aspects into iOS games, making it easier than it has ever been before to add items like leaderboards, achievements, multiplayer, and voice chat. Social network integration exists on everything from cars to refrigerators, and adding Twitter and Facebook support to an iOS game has become just about a requirement.
This book assumes that you have the basic skills and understanding required to create an iOS app.
It also assumes that you have the background necessary to work with Xcode 5.0. There will be no primer on how to define methods and variables, install and launch Xcode, or create and work with new classes. 
Follow the link to download this book.

America re America By Tariq Ismail Sagar

                     This book written by Tariq Ismail Sagar for his own travel experience to America. He seen America closely. His thoughts about America and American people are faithfully and insightful. During reading the book we can feel we are with the writer at that place and feeling the same sensation about American culture. You can find this book very knowledge able. Download and Read it on your own for amazing Experience about America.

Ashram sy Us Bazar Tak By Ahmad Yar Khan

                                           This books is written by Ahmad Yar Khan. Who had worked as a member of CIA at Delhi. He also worked with Scott Land Yard for investigating some cases. This book contains some real stories investigated by writer. Download free this book and Read how crimes happen.